Party : Fernando Fraire Tirado, Felix Ossig-Bonanno.

I’d just retuned from a pretty tiring trip and was looking forward to resting, but since I was leaving for Veracruz mañana, it was potentially my last chance to do a trip with Fernando. Plus, I couldn’t leave without him having visited Nido de los Aguiluchos… Practically in his back yard!

He left work a little early, but it was still a little later than planned when we finally set out (about 6pm instead of 5:15). Having visited the nest solo a week or so ago, I had a good idea where to go; this time taking the ideal route.

I set a good pace up not wanting to do any climbing with Fernando in the dark. It turned out that it wasn’t really an issue: there was so much light pollution that it was fairly easy to see. I enjoyed the city lights more than I had expected.

By the time we reached the first pitch it was quite dark. We donned headlands for the rigging. I sat back and watched Fernando rig the pitches. It was nice to see how quickly he’d gone from never abseiling, to being quite self sufficient.

This time all four pitches were rigged. The third is right at the bottom of the second pitch. The third, just before the drop through the slot. (I still downclimbed the third).

On the way down, I was suprised to pass two other groups. A group of three on the scree slope, and a couple towards the bottom.