Party: Mum, Dad and I

I heard the snow falling during the night, and in the morning I hit the inside of my tent knocking the snow off and letting more light in… the canyons we’d planned for the next few days were pretty much out of the question.

The view from my tent.

We decided to head south to the small town of Boulder. We stopped briefly at the Anasazi State Park Museum, but decided to head to Hills and Hollow Market just outside of town. Mum was surprised to find the store very vegan friendly. Apparently there are a lot of non-dairy people in Boulder. Spending perhaps a little more than we needed, we enjoyed breakfast out on the tables listing to the music. Using the WiFi, I found a short (and dry!) canyon just down the road. It was only a few hours and it seemed the perfect trip for a lazy snowy day.
Grabbing some gear, it was only a few minutes to the top of the canyon.

Looking out from the top of the first and only pitch. You can see the exit crack to the right of the ‘V’.

Using a tensionless hitch around a tree we soon dropped down into the slot. We’d discussed the fact the exit might not work in the snow and were prepared to descend back out if necessary.

Mum rapping the drop.

The canyon was quite steep, but the walls remained close allowing every drop to be stemmed. The canyon wasn’t prolonged with a large pool at the end where the canyon opened up.

Some high stemming part way through the canyon.
Dad avoiding the pool at the end of the canyon.

Our adventure was only half finished. The snow covered exit looking like it’d be more of a challenge than the canyon itself. Negotiating a few smaller drops we soon reached a 5m climb. Overhung at the start, the offwidth crack eventually looked wide enough to fit into. Burning a lot of energy on my first attempt, I borrowed a shoulder for my second and was soon up and wrapping a rope around myself, dropped the end for the others to use.

Mum slowly making her way up the tricky climb on our exit route.

The crux over, we carefully made our way along the extra slippery slickrock. Contouring around to the head of the canyon, I rapped back in to retrieve our gear that we probably should have put in a bag and fastened to the end of the rope.

Me rapping back down to retrieve the gear we should have tied to the end of the rope.
… and ascending back out.

It was the perfect adventure for a snowy day. Especially since Dad and I were tired from Pandora’s Box the day before.
We continued on through Escalante camping just outside Bryce.

Views into the Grand Staircase