Party: Me, Mum, Dad

After a rest day, we headed back into the park to explore Devils Garden. We tried thinking of all the ‘devil’ places we’d been to and only thought of Devil’s Golfcourse, Devils Marbles, in addition to Devils Garden.

The TH was quite busy. We took our time getting ready. Breakfast etc. This is one of the only THs with tapped water.

We decided to do the entire loop running clockwise. Leaving the first couple on the right for the way back, the first arch we visited is probably the most popular on the hike: Landscape. The Natural Arch and Bridge Society (NABS) now considers the Landscape Arch to be the fifth longest natural arch in the world. What made it impressive to me is how thin it was in places. Apparently only 6′ thick in some places.

Landscape Arch

Next we visited both Navajo and Partition Arches which both involve a side trip. Navajo was one of my favourites, I think due to the fact it was probably the first arch we’d seen that offered a nice place to camp – not that you’d be allowed to anymore.


On the way back from Partition – which offered some great views – we ran into an overly friendly squirrel (?) that had obviously been fed too much. I tried to instil a little human fear back in it by swinging my leg towards it, but I fear it will forever associate people with easy food now.

We then visited Double O, before continuing onto Dark Angel which some friends of mine had climbed a while ago.

Dad leaving Dark Angel

Continuing on the loop, we visited some amazing petroglyph panels. My favourite was probably a procession of deer drawn in increasing size.

At Private Arch we continued a little further out onto the fin and enjoyed the views. The privacy was nice – the arch was not so private!

Enjoying views out on fin, just past Private Arch.

Walking back the lighting was nice with the sun dipping down towards the horizon. The La Sal Mountains a nice contrast to the red sandstone.


We rejoined the main trail, taking another quick peak at Landscape to make sure it was still there and then continued on to Pinetree and then Tunnel. Climbing up the wall a bit, I just managed to get a photo with the setting sun pouring through the arch.

In the distance was another sizeable arch we didn’t visit. Capped by white rock, it’d be somewhere I’d be sure to visit if I lived in the area.

It was roughly a 5hr day by the time we returned to the car. Heading back out of the park, I couldn’t help but take some photos of the failing light touching the fins in the FF.