I have been creating a map of caves in the Rockies.
Whilst doing this I have found a few errors in Jon’s book.
Here are the ones I found (let me know if I have made a mistake! Or if you know of any others):
Cave Name P.g. NTS Map Code Org Corrected NTS Map Code
Upper Sentry Cave (Boon’s Glittering Ice Palace) 50 83G10 82G10
Cleft Cave 59 83G10 82G10
Snowslope Pot 73 83G10 82G10
Shorty’s Cave 75 83G10 82G10
Little Moscow 77 83C10 82G10
Derbyshire Pots 78 83G10 82G10
Double Pots 78 83G10 82G10
Gargantua 79 83G10 82G10
Coral Corridor 84 83G10 82G10
Merlin 84 83G10 82G10
Betelgeuse 85 83G10 82G10
The Vroom Closet 145 82 05/E 82O05
I found these whilst I was working on expanding the coordinates from the book into the full UTM coordinate… I now have a working method, but had to manually create the lookup table by inspecting the NTS maps.
Most of the time the errors were found because the grid reference did not exist on the respective NTS mapsheet. There may be other errors for the caves in the NPs, but I don’t have the data to check these. I may find more in time.
It took me a few weeks to get it all together. It allows you to be able to map the locations of the caves which is pretty cool!
The caves I have visited tend to have their location off by a couple of hundred metres compared to the coordinates published in the book.
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