After spending the past day and a half in the library on my laptop finishing my first aid course (assignments + exam), sending emails, etc. It was time to go explore.

One of my coworkers told me about this spot. Apparently it used to be something of a secret, but it has been popularised so much that it now even appears on google maps! I was heading out to try and find some caves over the next couple of days and thought I’d visit on my way through.

Whilst the location is on Google Maps, don’t trust it for directions! It will lead you along forestry roads that have locked gates. The easiest way is probably to park at Coombs Country Candy Store and cross the Hwy to the trail that will take you straight there.

Its not an overly pleasant hike as you travel along forestry roads and when I was there the area looked like it had been logged a few years prior. But once you get to the (last) sign nailed to a tree directing you to the “Hole in the Wall” it gets much nicer, and it would be a pleasant spot to spend some time.

Dead garter snake on one of the forestry roads

I wasn’t able to find much information about the purpose of the hole. Apparently it was blasted through the band of shale to provide more direct access for a water pipeline for the town of Alberni before its amalgamation with Port Alberni in 1967.


Just downstream on a small loop, you can find all these rock cairns that people have constructed.


A better (nicer) way to get there might be via Sherwood Rd or the Rodger Ck Trail.