Party: Kristian and I
Photos: Kristian’s Camera

Whore’s Bed:
P1 = 5m
P2 = 2m
P3 = 30m



Party: Kristian and I

Photos: Kristian

After a Christmas night special of Die Hard, a tired Kristian and I rose and headed for the mountains. We stopped at the amazing hot bread in Blaxland for breakfast, before rolling on to CLiff Drive we collected some gear from the Shanks’ and picked up another car to do a car shuffle. We left on Narrow Neck and then drove back around to try and find the correct gully.

First we tried following the cliffline around from Boars Head, but quickly realised that we needed to be another ridgeline over. Keeping an eye out for a track, we walked along the road and found another track which we took to an unmarked lookout. After some deliberation we decided to climb/scramble down into the creek. Once we hit the creek we found a pad on the other side and started following this downstream, past a surprisingly large amount of rubbish (worthy of a clean up trip) to the first little drop. With Santa hat bauble bobbing around, clinging to the tree, Kristian abseiled down the single rope secured by a bina-block. Without looking ahead we happily coiled the rope, only to come arcoss the next little drop 5m further on.

At the top of the final abseil.

The canyon then opened up with an impressive overhang on the right. We walked out along a ledge to enjoy the views and some pomygranite. With rope smiles all round, we set the long drop (just shy of 30m) and hit the Boars Head exit track.

After passing the Devils Hole we followed the track past all the climbing crags to the Water Boards Ladders. The bottom part of the ladder had been removed some time ago, but some rope substitutes aided our way up into the caged section of the ladder which seemed relatively secure. After two ladders it started getting a little dodgy, climbing up a crack with a fixed handline. From here we climbed onto the water pipe itself and found a nice spot for lunch. Brilliant views of Boars Head rock (or is it Elephant Rock?) accompanied the Megalong views.

There was also a beam spanning the vissure in the cliffs which you could balance over – trying not to look down too much! Continuing up the pass there were a few little climbs before we came out at the pumping station and the road. After dropping our bags at the car, Kristian showed me Psyn Cave and we headed back up to Cliff Drive.

We then drove into Katoomba for some window shopping, but soon bored returned the borowed gear and headed to Wang were the incentive of a visitor helped me clean my room up a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

And there were Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€