Date:08/08/2015 – 09/08/2015
Leader:Konstantin Seiler

Splendour Rock is one of the nicest campsites in the mountains due to its location on top of Mt Dingo with stunning views across the mountains. I haven’t been there for a while, so I decided to do a trip there next weekend.
On Saturday we’ll try to get an early start and make our way from Carlons Farm in the Megalon towards MT Dingo and back via another route on Sunday. I haven’t finalised the route yet, but I’m planning to avoid the firetrails and instead go through the Wild Dogs and possibly visit Knights Deck Lookout on the way in.

For this trip you need to have some experience with overnight walks and be comfortable with carrying your overnight pack through steep and uneven terrain as parts of the trip are likely to be on faint paths or off-track. Numbers for this trip will be limited to keep the group size small and flexible.

You have to have all your own camping gear or organise borrowing it from the club yourself (hint: gear night is on Tuesday).


Left dumphy s around 8:40
Passed several aboriginal pots? And grinding grooves past the camp overhang on the way to iron pot. Then down ironmonger spur past ironmonger Hill.
Down to the junction of the coxs and breakfast for elevensies. 11am
Water available in breakfast. Just flowing. Quite a lot of pig activity. The ground was churned up.
Then up blue dog to knights deck. Roo along the way.
Gained the first summit at 12:15. Quite a lot of iron barks on the way up.
Collected rubbish on the way up. Scored some sunnies. Rested on a log to watch the clouds swirling about.
Kosta 1238.
Had a deep philosophical think about gendered glasses and how it would be annoying if other general items where gendered. Spoons for example. Kosta : female Spoons for inside male ones.
Also thought about sameness. And how differences are also important. Cultures and languages for example. The rate we are losing these is staggering.
Adam 1247

Off again at 1;05
Knights deck at 1:45
Mobbs swap 4:10
Splendour rock 8?

Up at 5;45 for sunrise. Skyline looked like a painting. Stars disappeared as the brightness grew and then strangely reappeared again

6:44 the sun appeared over the clouds.
Left at 8:30, decided on taking (bagging ) the all the peaks along the tops.

Black hourse mountain 12 noon
45 Min lunch
Nice knife edge Ridge
Back just before 5pm

Email Lillian :
OzCanyons, ice canyon
Clean up the gambe
Pre laminated maps
Book : into the dark?
Send Lillian maps

From the photos I’m guessing you visited the Tinpot ridge near Carlons Farm? However there are a few areas like this even including one at Hazlebrook next to the highway.

The axe grinding grooves are Aboriginal in origin.

The holes you see start naturally with a pebble and water and time (erosion). Some good unmodified versions can be seen above Red Gum Park at Bullaburra.

Grinding axes requires water and these natural holes provide an ideal source well away from creeklines on a major Aboriginal travel route. It’s hard to know if these natural holes have been expanded (‘helped along’) to make them more suitable. However this did happen. I’ve seen similar sites at Kariong which have cut drains to help the pools fill and even to divert water from a creek a few metres away into the potholes.

Both the Tinpot ridge and the Hazelbrook stone holes were cleaned in the 1950s and stone tools found amongst the leaf litter in them. So regardless of their natural origins they were very significant to Aboriginal peoples.