I have a lab set up on our vCenter and a local Windows VM running on my Mac. The Smarts Global COnsole was giving me an error that it:
Cannot attach to the Global Manager:
com.smarts.store.SmStoreExeption: Cannon find Manager on server

Now the domains are all running, and the Global Console is connecting to the broker and retrieving all the domain names…
The key to this is the It it looking for the domain on the local host! The domains are locaed on the remote server, not on the localhost.
This is happening because the broker has the domains registered with a Host Name of “localhost” – see the image below.

To fix this we need to edit the hosts file on our Smarts server so that it registers them correctly (you need to make sure you don’t have “ ” and that you have ” “).

Here is the updated broker output (note that it actually has the IP address rather than the Host Name):