Party: Mum, Peter Medbury, Yuri, Joe, Ivonne + many more
I was going to head to Jenolan this weekend, but I got back so late from Camberra (work) that I wasn’t feeling up to driving to Jenolan and decided to go with mum on her trip.
In the morning I got confirmation from Peter that I could come along. We drove to Lithgow, jumping into Pete’s car at the information centre and continued on to the Mt. Banks carpark.
The first section of the walk went quite quickly given that we where walking on firetrail. Soon the road comes quite close to the lip of the Grose Valley. At this point we scrambled down through the top escarpment and began our traverse.
We traversed under some impressive cliffs taking this part of the trip nice and slow to admire views, vegetation and sculptures.
Below Mt Hay.

I didn’t stay with the group all the time but instead climbed up some slots for a quick explore of things.

(left) Devils Throat




The walk was rated as hard and I was expecting some real exposure after it had been talked up so much – I was visualising some really hairy ledges!
In reality it was very tame without any spot where you are directly above a cliffline. It is for reasons like this that I will often enjoy a walk/canyon/trip more if I have little information so you aren’t comparing it to what other people’s impressions where.
There was an interesting slot, I wouldn’t mind abseiling down some time.
We also walked past some old anchors which where used in the past to abseil down into the Grose – maybe for rockclimbers? There where a few spots that had been prepared for sleeping with rocks to build up the outward facing side and prevent you from rolling into the valley!
Towards the end of the walk, whilst off exploring I was pushing through some scrub which must have had a go at piercing my ear, a while later I felt something protruding from my lobe and felt sticky blood, someone pulled a piece of stick out of my ear – for some reason I found this event quite amusing 🙂


 (left) A pecuilar rock. (right) A happy Ivonne!


(I always like drumsticks)