Hi fellow explorers,
We will meet at the Wolgan Valley turn off at 8 am. Be prepared for the best Donkey Mt has to offer.

Attendees: Geoff, Mum, Dad, me, Gabby (Faura), Louise & Scott, Sheila

The words of Geoff:

What a day with a great a wonderful group of friends. I loved every minute of it. Felix in action with his climbing was magic. The route we took was:

Grand Entrance,
Kent’s Crevasse,
Two Story Cave,
Fire Ramp,
Mt on Pagoda View,
Tree Way,
Above Green Room,
Green Room,
Tchalkovsky Ledge
Too Steep canyon,
Jenny Craig,
Long Passage,
Grand Hall,
Gum Tree Room,
Light House,
Donkey Canyon,
Wolgan Window,
Port Bow Titanic,
Fern Gully,
Lunch LO,
Sunshine Ledge,
The Columns.

There is more to see! I look forward to a return visit.

We parked at the stile and walked around the base of the mountain until we reached the ridge that heads up to the Grand Entrance.

We then headed around towards Kent’s Crevasse leaving our packs behind before scrambling up onto the pagodas.



The others then returned via the same route and headed to into Two Story Cave, I actually found a way in from the top!

The allure of the Grand Hall proved too much for me and I climbed down via a narrow slot (complete with a leaf tailed gecko!!) whilst the others continued exploring the pagoda tops.

I circled back and met them at the packs. We then used the Fire Ramp to reach Pagoda View for a short break.

We used the Tree Way to reach the Green Room (I climbed up above the Green Room Portal), and then passed through the Portal negotiating the Tchalkovsky Ledge.


We did a trip to Too Steep canyon, and then continued in the other direction to Jenny Craig. Here we explored another crack (Name??)(named after Jenny’s sister) and managed a trip from “Too Tight” into Jenny.

Using Long Passage we headed to the magnificent Grand Hall, where added a log book entry (I also collected my pack here).

We exited via the Gum Tree Room and got some spectacular views at the Light House.

And more views at the Arrow (overlooking the Columns)!

We entered Donkey Canyon where Geoff gave as a brief sermon. We passed the Wolgan Window and then climbed down the Port Bow of the Titanic.

Passing through Fern Gully we reached the Cyclops.

We had lunch at the lookout and then used Sunshine Ledge to reach the top of the Columns. Mum and I recognised this from our previous trip.

A very fun day, with a great guide that allowed us to see lots of special places!