Mt. Wilson (Canyon + Slackline + Camping)

Date:28/03/2015 – 29/03/2015
Leader:Felix Ossig-Bonanno

FYI: This is election weekend, so consider pre-voting!

This should be a full fun day. I’ll prob camp somewhere overnight.

I think the plan will be to go down a section of the Wollangambe River and then return to talk and play on the club’s slackline. The trip is flexible.

Maybe start around 9am.

Here are some notes on likely trips:

I feel like doing lots of jump-ins (well I think I will) so the trip won’t be fast.
Its been ages since I have done the main section. From memory there are long swims and a significant amount of rock hopping. Maybe a climb.
There is prob more info in the links above – so have a read if you want to know more.

Make sure you have the appropriate gear and look up where Mt. Wilson is before signing up.

Some thoughts for gear:
—Dry bag
—Rubberised Lilo or air mattress (don’t buy one of the cheap plastic ones – you’re more likely to get a hole and then will have to resort to boarding another) – Can get one here: ***see below***
—Dry set of car clothes if you have arranged a lift with someone
—Other stuff

If camping:
—normal camping stuff
—car camping stuff
—other games
—other luxury items (toilet paper?)

*** Some copy and pastes on getting a lilo ***

They have a shop in Syd:
“I don’t recommend the tube-type lilos, as they’re less stable”
There are lots of outdoor shops in this street, maybe just go for a walk.
Some outdoor shops:

Lilos (Tom)

Lilos are harder to track down than they used to be. The smaller outdoor stores and disposal stores are probably your best bet. They typically cost from $30-$50. I recommend one of the following two styles:
1. Box Wall – these are a bit heavier, and require more effort to blow up, but are very stable
2. Single Quilted – these are probably the most common ones, good balance between weight and stability

I don’t recommend the tube-type lilos, as they’re less stable. They’ll do if you can’t find the other types, but you might go for a few more swims!

Online stores:
There are plenty of others – search for rubberised cotton airbed on Google (not “lilo”)
Mitchells also has a physical store in the city. I’d suggest ringing any store before you go, just to make sure they have them in stock 

“lilo (air mattress, rubberised canvas)eg buy for ~$28-$40 from Kangaroo
Tent City (for locations see Tie plugs with string to the mattress, and spares in the party are advisable. Do not buy plastic or oversized air mattresses.”

Fri: Scott, Liz, Marie and I
Sat:Scott, Liz, Marie, Tony, David and I (+ Matthew & Joanna, Tony & Jules)
Sun: Marie, Tony, David, Elizabeth and I,
Then: Marie, Scott, David, Michael and I
Scot, Liz and Marie had planned to camp Mt Wilson on the Friday night, but by the time they where in the mountains it was getting really late, so they opted for the slumber party option out near Lithgow.
We woke relatively early visiting the shops for supplies before collecting Tony from the station. We claimed a site at the Cathedral of Ferns, organised gear and where nearly on our way when David turned up. He had planned to catch us at the start of the canyon, but our lethargic morning had given him time to catch us much earlier.

We made our way down to the Wollangambe; Tony overcoming his fears on a climb towards the end of our downhill trek. David served fresh watermelon whilst we suited up and inflated the various mattresses… and dolphin.


On the journey downstream we had lots of fun doing jump-ins, having rides on Flipper (the dolphin), discovering an open wet-bag, and having sword fights on logs suspended above the canyon. When we reached the exit we begrudgingly packed and began the walk out. We paused for a break on a rock outcrop where we witnessed some black cockatoos, took a few layers off and practised our cooees, yodles, animal calls, and other variations thereof.





When we got back to camp Matthew and Joanna had arrived and had just started a fire. We added the sticks we had collected on the home run, and after adding the logs Scott had brought up from his home soon had a sizable blaze alight.
We had some turns on Mathew’s slack-line, attempted to create a flying fox out of some rope and pulley, played cards and coxed some sounds from a home-made didgeridoo.
It was getting quite late when Tony and Jules turned up – in fact some people had already retired for the night.
In there morning Chef Scott equalled his dinner efforts, producing enough food to share around. Whilst packing we said our farewells to Mathew & Joanna who where heading off to do a dry trip up Donkey Mountain.

Elizabeth turned up and helped with packing and eventually we found ourselves at the Mt Wilson fire shed. Scot and Liz would spend some time around Scenic World, but we made rough plans of regrouping with Scott in the afternoon for further shenanigans.

We headed off, leaving Tony and Jules at a rocky outcrop for a different adventure, and continued down to a saddle where we turned off. We followed the creek down through a fantastic constriction and where soon at Du Faur Creek.


We continued slowly downstream pausing when we found anything amusing or entertaining. We dumped some gear at the junction with bell creek and headed up some fantastic canyon, which offered many a photo pfaff opportunity.
We soon reached the pack Martyn and I had discovered on the previous weekend. We divided its contents amongst the group and headed back down for lunch at the sunny junction.





We continued downstream through some impressive canyon before reaching the Wollangambe. We saw a couple of yabbies before reaching the exit track and soon converged with another group on the walk out.
At the car-park we met a comfortable Scott sitting in a suspended chair. It was late but after some convincing had a team together to do a night trip through Grand Canyon. I said bye to those who weren’t attending and quickly headed home to get some things I’d need in Sydney the following day. Whilst driving I organised for my friend Michael to join us.
It was well dark by the time the five of as rendezvoused at Evans Lookout. Using our torches and headlamps, we made our way down the steps, stopping every now and then to let our eyes adjust to the glow-worms around us. We spotted some yabbies and even had an eel sighting at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The track soon headed up the side of the canyon, some of the ledges here offering a close up display of the starry lights.
After a tiring ascent we reached the upper car-park and realised we’d made a bit of a mess of our car shuffle meaning a further 800m road walk.
We dropped Michael back home and headed back to Sydney. On the way back we found via text message that Tony had encountered some trouble on the train and was tied up with police at Central Station. We got in contact to confirm he was ok, but didn’t talk long.
It was a bout 2am when Scott and I assumed banana-like sleeping positions on a lounge and finally got to sleep. Future Felix would not be pleased when his alarm woke him the following day.
All-in-all a fun weekend. Marie got to experience five different canyons on her first canyoning weekend!