Attendees: Me and Scott


Leader:Felix Ossig-Bonanno

*** Please note: canyoning is not canoeing or kayaking ***

Not sure if this will be happening yet as I am thinking about heading out to Jenolan… but if there is enough interest, here is a plan:

Heading out into the Wolgan again; this time the aim will be to get to a creek/canyon between Windows and Zobels gully.

I know this is reachable from the Penrose side, but for something different I am thinking of finding a way up from Constance Gorge.

Not sure what we will find, so previous canyoning/bush-bashing experience is a must.
Everyone will need to carry a set of prusiks. Could be a long day so throw a headlamp in. Possible scrambling, thick scrub, swimming and rock climbing.


Parked the car on the Wolgan and headed up the slope on the other side. It was easy walking and we where soon at the cliffline. Instead of heading up into Zobels I decided to check out a crack I had seen on the satellite imagery that wasn’t visible on the topo map. As we got closer it began to look quite good and I was soon at the top of the cliffline. I met Scott 5-10mins later – he gained the top via an alternate route to the right (I don’t think it was the safest).



We made our way along the ridge pushing through the scrub that in places was moderately thick. Where the gulley is on the right we dropped down a ramp and then back up the other side. Continuing towards the high point we had good views into Constance Gorge.

We headed west on the north side of the canyon which involved some very thick scrub to get to the canyon, after looking at satellite imagery again it would be better to continue further south – especially since we entered from the south side.

I tried scrambling down the first slot to get into the valley below, but it was too dangerous. Not wanting to abseil, we continued around the side until we could walk in and then went to have a look at the slot from the bottom.

Not much further down we reached an awesome sandstone cave.


We continued down the creek wondering when the canyon would form. We eventually reached a small section of canyon with a drop just around the corner. To avoid an abseil we climbed around on the left and before climbing down a slot scrambled along some ledges to get an impressive view of the Wolgan.

Not far from the bottom of the climb was our first abseil. This was the classic ‘hole in the rock’ pitch. The anchor was a tree which had some slings around it and a large fungi growing from the side of the trunk. After setting up the pitch I realised I had forgotten to bring a harness (lucky I brought extra tape!).


Immediately following this was the next pitch. The anchor has a hole in the rock with a branch across it presumably to minimise rub.

This pitch was quite long. I think we worked out, when we pulled the rope that you would just make it with a 50m rope

The final drop was the longest and quite similar to the final pitch in Windows. You could also do this with a 50m rope, but you’d have to scramble a down from a ledge so 60m would be preferable if available.

From the bottom we headed down to the walking track and followed it back to the car. It was quite early when we got back. I think the trip took about 6hrs, and we weren’t rushing spending time photo pfaffing and eating.