After spending some time reading about train tunnels I stumbled upon an old tunnel very close to home. I decided to head out with dad. Jack was supposed to come too, but I couldn’t find the keys to my ute, so we had to leave him behind.

On the way dad told me that our neighbour, Ted told him a story about growing mushrooms in there once upon a time. Apparently he used to pick them as a job…

Anyway, we took a small dirt track I have passed countless times and parked before a no trespassing sign.
After avoiding a fence, we had barely started walking when we spotted the entrance to the tunnel and could even glimpse light on the other side.

The tunnel was beautifully constructed, blocks of sandstone and bricks forming a nice arched roof. Dotted along the sides where hide holes and along the base of the arch gutters where still (in part) doing their job.
As we continued in further I heard bats so we crept forward more slowly until we had passed the small group of micro-bats that where roosting in one of the holes eroded into the sandstone.

We followed the cutting on the other side for a while until we reached a caravan. The cutting past here was getting quite overgrown, so after eating some black berries, we headed back.

On the other side of tunnel we came across a bat flying erratically from one side to the other, eventually crashing into a wall. On inspection, I noticed a baby bat clinging to its mother. I really hope that we hadn’t disturbed it.

I was surprised to find something like this so close to where I grew up. I wonder what other secrets are hiding about the area.