Attendees: Kent, Mum, Geoff, Emanuel and I

Sun 18th:

After staying up late to organise where I wanted to go, I was reluctant but happy we where getting an early start. We met the others at Cullen Bullen and took two cars to the Coorongooba camping area and where soon on our way along the fire trail running parallel to the Capertee River (since I don’t know my rivers, I looked up later that where the Capertee and Wolgan rivers join is where the Colo starts).
On the way I outlined the trip I had planned which I had changed from what I was originally going to do as I wanted to explore some of the other branches.

I took the same route up to the ridge as the last time I went up Freshwater, but this time I took the spur a bit further along which seemed to work much better. As we rounded the corner of the ridge we came across a cube shaped rock under an overhang that seemed quite distinctive – but I couldn’t recall it (maybe this was actually on the next cliff-line??).
As we continued along through a number of pleasant overhangs we could begin to see the two creeks I wanted to explore. However, we where moving a bit slower than I wanted some I began making alternate plans as we wouldn’t finish until around 11pm at this pace.


We soon made our way down to Freshwater creek passing a really weird growth around the trunk of a small tree (possibly the next creek??) and rested for a while, filling our bottles from the creek. We again headed up to the cliff-line and began contouring around into the next valley. Kent convinced me to drop into the creek, but we found it was better to stay high as there where a number of drops in the creek that would be difficult to reverse.
When the valley started to narrow I decided we would look up this creek and then reverse back to where we where. With this decided, we left our packs and a tired Geoff with a snake that had startled me quite a lot.
I wore a rope as a backpack, and was really glad for the lightened load.

Shortly after, the creek began to form into canyon (around 504 284) and it was sad that Geoff had got worn out just before the fun started.
There where some small climbs, but nothing too difficult to reverse especially if you help each other and utilise the debris lying around. The canyon soon narrowed and became quite good.





Just before we passed a side creek I discovered a great overhang quite suitable for a camp and combining this with the fact we closer to Newns that I would have first thought lots of combo trips began developing in my head!

As we continued I was surprised when when I saw the canyon becoming quite dark. “I think there’s a tunnel ahead” I exclaimed! As we drew closed it became apparent that this was indeed the case.

After another short constriction the canyon began to open up. It was pleasant walking but eventually we turned around so that we wouldn’t get back too late.
On the way back, Kent and I reversed the side creek, but a quick inspection revealed it to be very chossy and it didn’t look like it had the best canyon prospects – but who knows.

After enjoying the canyon from a different angle we rendezvoused with Geoff and began the hike back taking the same route we had come in on.
Rounding the corner into the Capertee Valley we noticed some great rock sculpting I hadn’t seen previously.


We took a different ridge down this time, this one was a little steeper so we had to be careful with the loose rock. I somehow managed to knock a rock with my right hand, and place it down only to have my finger crushed by the same rock I had disturbed. It immediately started bleeding but I didn’t think much of it until later when I couldn’t sleep because of the throbbing… it later turned black.

We where soon back at our cars and then on our way back to Cullen Bullen. Kent, Mum and I spent an hour or so in the pub before heading off.

It was a little annoying I had to trim the trip, but was happy I had explored another tributary and would likely use the same route in the future for longer trips.