Attendees: Me, Tim, Mum, Dad and Karthage
We headed north from the carpark and didn’t pick up a track until about the 973 point. The track seemed to continue to the end of the ridge. We followed it for a while but soon realised it was going too far (probably the climbers exit). We reversed and found a neat pass into the valley below.

It was pleasant walking in the canyon and the number and size of the coachwoods certainly lived up to the canyon’s name.
We sent a hand-line up to help some down a log and then continued to multi-staged abseil (you could climb around the first bit but we couldn’t find an anchor).

We then made our way through a dark section to the top of the next pitch.

We then had one final drop into Rocky Creek, where we headed upstream and had lunch at the base of the climbers exit.


We passed a commercial group as we went through the canyon section, but they overtook us whilst we had some fun on the slides.
I was surprised how much more I enjoyed the beauty canyon in the overcast weather a few weeks ago.

We continued up through the Washing Machine and I had another go at the climb Lukas and I where working on last time. I got it in both directions this time!

When we reached the start of the canyon we bumped into David and Mathew who said they would be doing the canyon.

We reversed Twister which had some interesting climbs. The hardest was one you could bypass by climbing up high on the left (looking upstream).

When we got back to the cars I got annoyed that Karthage hadn’t brought dry clothes after I had asked him before we had left. I probably overreacted and apologised to him later.