Sheep Dip: Mum, Kent, ?, ? and I     (+ Louise, Geoff, and Em)
Twister: Mum, Lukas, Emma and I
Rocky: Lukas, Emma and I
I hadn’t visited these canyons for quite a while so thought that it was time to revisit them. I advertised the trip and later Kent also did.
Sheep Dip:
We passed the campground at the start of the Galah Mountain road and took the firetrail to the right shortly after. A couple of hundred meters after a sharp right angle bend we parked and picked up a well defined track which took us all the way to the saddle where we dropped into the creek.
We got our wetsuits and followed the waterway down. It wasn’t really a canyon, but there where some fun slides and jumps though the overcast weather took a lot of the fun out of it for me.




The ‘canyon’ has a couple of alternate names: Upper Rocky Creek and Death Trap. The first name is quite intuitive, but I wasn’t sure where Death Trap came from. Someone told me it comes from times when water levels are very low creating potholes in many places.
The group soon split into separate groups due to the fact some where only doing the one trip whilst others where also doing Twister…
We soon abseiled down the waterfall (45m rope) which would have been an awesome slide if the water at the bottom was deeper.
On the right hand side before the exit was in impressive overhang. After spending some time in hear we headed around the head on the opposite side and soon picked up the track in the saddle.
When we arrived at the carpark, Lukas and Emma where waiting. We let the others go and once we where ready made our own way into Twister.
Due to the weather we tried avoiding the water a bit more than we usually would, but it was still a lot of fun and after doing the trip again recently, feel that the overcast weather actually enhanced the quality of both canyons.
At the junction with Rocky, mum decided to wait it out. So the three of us climbed down the chute and continued. I couldn’t believe how nice the canyon was and managed to get a few photos I was really happy with.



We we continued, the day brightened a little and occasionally we would get some weak beams of light. I think what made the canyon really impressive was the fog, and the wet greens which made for a spectacular (though a bit cold trip).