Attendees: Me, Rick and Sam

Sun 28:

We had an early start. Rick and Sam had breakfast in a cafe in Katoomba whilst I stuck with my weatbix.

We then headed over to the Boars Head car park. I can’t remember doing Boars Head before but had heard about the slot you cross before abseiling down the end. I think this was the second abseil.


Apparently some tourist groups then exit from this point. We continued down the next pitch after which you skirt around the head. The typical thing to do from here is continue down one of the two abseils. We continued a little further around instead where would do two climbs.

Sam led and I seconded (so there was very little risk). Sam and Rick where very good at instructing me in the belaying techniques and after the practice at camp the day before I was pretty confident.

I enjoyed the outdoor climbing much more than the indoor stuff I had done. There is something special having the drop beneath you, clinging onto real rock with a vista at your back.

After the climb we scrambled back to the top of the cliff. I then drove to Medlow where I caught a train to Sydney to visit some relatives (Dad also happened to be visiting).