Attendees: Me, Keir, Rod, Anna, Julie and David (Sun)
Note: Most of these pics are Keir’s or Julie’s
Sat 20:
Mum and I drove out to the Kowmung turnoff where Keir and Rod where already waiting. Some time later Julie shot past before turning around… apparently the odometer reading in the beginners handbook is a little out.
At Boss Peak we congealed into the two 4WDs for the last section involving the river crossing. We made camp (which Julie claimed was a little further from the cars than I had indicated) and I collected firewood for the likely event of us returning in the dark.


It was quite late by the time we entered the cave, relaying the dive bags down. We took the ladder route and on the way down Keir showed us the steel survey pegs left by ??someone?? who had first mapped the cave but never published it (SUSS has since resurveyed the cave).



Once we reached river cavern it was only a short way downstream to the sump where we would be doing most of this trips project work. Some time was spent searching for the last survey station so we could more easily connect the sump in.
Whilst this was going on I also had a look down the passage to the left of the sump. At the end there was a climbdown/squeeze-down which went to a smaller lower level with some pools. The last ‘pool’ may have been a sump but at that point I wasn’t keen on getting wet so couldn’t really check.
When I got back Keir and I filmed Rod diving the sump. He was doing a quick dive along the dive-line to video and then would start surveying from the top.
I later had the plan of collating the dive footage with the surface video, but that hasn’t happened as of yet.






I was quite cold after coming back up through the waterfall. Julie, Mum and I then went into Trickets while we where waiting. Julie wasn’t interested in going through the squeeze at the end.
Rod was quite cold when he resurfaced.
We soon exited lugging the dive gear with us. The sun was setting by the time we emerged. I walked back to camp because I forgot to take some clean car clothes along. By the time we reached camp it was properly dark (the motorbike riders we saw in the morning where camped at the start of the track in).
Sun 21:
The next morning I awoke to a new voice coming from around the fire. David had arrived during the night, he would have arrived earlier but stopped it help a car with a flat for a few hours.


We were soon all packed and ready to go. We proceeded down the ladders left from the day before and again spent some time around the downstream sum and Trickets. It wasn’t long however before Julie, Keir and Rod headed out. The rest of us where keen for some more caving and after an our around River Cavern we did a really quick trip through KKK chamber and then climbed down the two smaller waterfalls to look down the third. We then backtracked to the stream this time continuing to the bottom of the large waterfall.
When we regrouped with Anna, we were behind schedule and exiting wouldn’t be overly quick as we had all the derigging to do.
At the top of the first pitch something came off the ladder and went tinkling past me. It was quite small so we think it was one of the eyelets of the ladder.
Overall we made great time exiting and I was very pleased with how all the de-rigging went.
On the way back we ran into Rod and Keir who where wandering what had happened to us… maybe David and I shouldn’t have gone for the sporty trip to the falls… but we also should have started earlier so time wouldn’t have been an issue!
Julie had already left. And with cars packed earlier that morning we where soon on our way.