In Part 1 I managed to connect my Garmin eTrex H to my MacBook, and successfully downloaded the data to a KML file I could view in Google Earth. The problem was that the data was quite messy and had multiple trips joined together. I needed to find a way to edit the points.

Converting to different formats:

The first thing I needed to do was convert my file into different formats so I could load the information into the various programs. I found that GPS Babel worked quite well. (EasyGPS might be another option, but I didn’t try it)

Editing the Tracks/Way-points:

There seemed to be quite a lot of options… here is a list of the ones I came across:

BaseCamp – a good solution for both windows and mac
Mapsource – probably my favorite option, though I did have to run it in virtual windows instance
GPS Prune – cross-platform but didn’t strike me as the best interface
KML Editor – did not try
GPS Utility– did not try 

WinGDB – can convert tracks to routes and vice versa, (something Mapsource surprisingly can’t do)

I think my favorite was Mapsource. I opened my .gdb file in and right clicked a point to show it on the map. You can then zoom out to show all the points.

You can then use the selection tool to select the points you want to keep. Cut or copy the points, then select everything using ctrl-A and delete them. Past the cut/coppied points back in.
Do a similar process for both waypoints and tracks.
Another option is to open two instances of Mapsource and drag the selected points from one to the other.

You can then clean up the map by renaming waypoints, deleting unnecessary points, etc. Once you have finished you can save the trip as a new file.

You can now open the trip in Google Earth… when you open the file check ensure the middle check bock is enabled.

I find the default setting not very nice so I found the following tweaks:
First, right click the imported trip and select “Get info”. Then go to the “style, color” tab and select “Share Style”.

Then do something similar to the following:
Change the line colour
increase the line size to 3.0
change the label scale to 0.0
remove the icons (click flag in the top right corner)

Press OK, and expand your imported trip.
Right click the waypoints and choose “Get Info”

Choose an icon for your waypoints and set the label scale back to 1.0.

You’ll need to tweak these settings depending on what you want. Here’s what I ended up with: