Attendees: Max, Rod, Me, Tabitha, Anna, Tamara & Larissa

Sat 13th:

We drove in that morning, arriving at the hut with plenty of time to finish breakfast and prepare for a day of caving. There where two main caving trips with a lot of people I had never met before. The trip I joined had the two new Tamara and Larissa who where twins!

We entered Mammoth cave where Tamara and Larissa proved to be natural cavers (their gymnast backgrounds probably helped). We reached Lower River in good time, bridged across the water, and continued to Slug Lake.
I was happy to finally get the chance to visit this part of the cave. It isn’t really very far away, but no-one seems to go there that much.


Max showed me where Ice Age is, it proved to be almost completely filled in, but at least I now know where it is.

There where some good little climbs on the way as well as a section that was quite pretty – it was actually hard to believe it was used as the main thoroughfare!
Just after this section was a small climb-down followed by a bit of a squeeze. The passage that then led to the lake had lots of worms on the sides, it was amazing how fast they moved!
I also grabbed some photos of a family of centipedes.

Slug lake wasn’t as large as I was expecting which was a little disappointing, but it was still a fun trip. There where also some muddy rooms to explore on the other side.

We made the trip back to Lower River where nearly everyone made the climb across. Before heading back through the Rockpile we did a side trip to Lower Oolite where I actually put my bulky tripod to use.
On the way back Tamara and I climbed back out via the forty-footer.

We regrouped in the sun for a group photo. Me, Max, Tamara and Larissa then headed back into the cave (past the emerging dive trip) for a quick tourist trip. We went through Horseshoe (where I learnt that the worms where probably platyhelminths – or flatworms), stopped by the Scull and Crossbones with a quick look at the Sugar Cubes and then has some turns on the mud slides in Railway Tunnel. From there we went to Naked Lady Chamber via the bypass and came back head-first through Hell Hole.

I really enjoyed the trip and think that everyone in the group had a great time. We stayed at the hut for several hours before finally deciding to head slowly home.