Single-Window Mode
Gimp is the Linux equivalent of Photoshop, and after changing the layout to Single-Window mode (under the Window menu), I found it could do nearly everything I wanted.
Batch Resizing
Recently However I began editing more photos and found there wasn’t an easy way to batch resize a bunch of pics for uploading/emailing.
Whilst you can do this easily using the command line ImageMagic I wanted something with a GUI. After some reading I found a Gimp plugin that did exactly what I wanted. You can install it using the following command:
sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry

Then, open up Gimp and open the Batch plugin found in Filters > Batch > Batch Process.
Select your images in the Input tab, and define the Resize operation in the surprisingly-named Resize tab.
You can also add a pre or postfix and change the file format – which you’ll probably want to as the default is BMP.


sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev gcc cpp g++

tar -xvzf dbpSrc-1-1-9.tgz
cd dbp-1.1.9/
make install

File Manager Enhancements

When using Nemo I often use List View so that I can view the details of all the files. The downside with images is that you cannot sort by image size etc. However you can install an update for Nemo that will give you this extra functionality (EXIF data, artist, album, etc). Install using:

sudo apt-get install nemo-media-columns 

Another useful update is preview. This lets you open/preview (and then close) files using the space bar.
sudo apt-get install nemo-preview

Creating Panoramic Images

For creating panoramas I found that Hugin pretty much did what I wanted. The only issue was than when I needed to stitch a vertical line of images I had to first rotate them and then stitch them together horizontally.


Gimp (batch resize)