Attendees: Me, Mum, David and Di.
Sat 05:
Despite the chance of rain we let the trip go ahead. By the time Di and I reached  our assigned meeting spot at the Bungelboorie camp site we where 5mins late. Both David and my mum where waiting so we where ready to go. We left David’s car there, drove out to the carpark at the end of the Old Coach Road and headed off along the fire trail to Tiger Snake canyon. 
I was surprised at how much water there was running down the creek and into the canyon. As far as I can remember, on every other trip it had been dry or perhaps some stagnant pools. I soon gave up on keeping dry; the water was fairly warm anyway as it was all rain run-off.
When we got to the beginning of the canyon it became apparent that it wouldn’t be as dry a trip as expected. We climbed or abseiled down the first bit and got even more wet climbing down the small waterfall. The next two abseils went smoothly and making good time we continued without having a break.
We abseiled in from the top for the next canyon section and went back up the canyon to look at the arch. I had a look for the frogs I had seen last time but it was too dark and I couldn’t be bothered going back down for a light.

We continued to the exit area where everyone (except Di?) went through the cave connection I had discovered. David also showed me some cave-like formations on the right (just before the walk-out) that I hadn’t noticed before.

We met up with the walk-in track and dumped all but one small pack which would carry the rope, some water and a first aid kit.
We found the start of the canyon without any problems (I had walked with Kent to the start before) and abseiled the first drop using an anchor up on the rock to the left.
Just after this first drop, we hit the second abseil which was about an 8m drop through a crevice.
At the bottom of this section we had a beautifuly sculptured walls (with a couple of squeezes). The slot then opens up and drops about ledge 20m into Penrose Gulley.
We abseiled down beside a bit of water getting a little wet and landed in an undergrowth of ferns.

We followed the cliff face around to the right and wet through the slot opposite the one we usually take when we do Windows.
After having a look at the view we headed back out following some animal tracks and signs of broken branches to the Tiger Snake track at the top of the ridge.

I forgot my camera on this trip so no pics.