Attendees: Kent, Me, Peter, Anna, John

I wasn’t feeling overly well and was having a day off work and thought I would go on a small walk to get some fresh air. Once I committed myself, the trip got changed as we had the numbers…

Tue 01:

At 7:50 we headed down the Deanes Lookout track from the locked gate (AMG462141). We followed the fire-trail N reaching a junction after a couple of k’s. When we did Surefire on the weekend we went left – apparently you can go either this way, but we took the route to the right which is supposed to be more direct.
We continued onwards, breaking branches as we went to make the trip back a little easier. Here and there we spotted the ribbons Kent had tied around the shrubs on a previous scout trip. After another couple of k’s of what was close to bush-bashing, we reached a second junction at AMG466178 (Mount Morgan). Here we “head[ed] NE… Despite what the Mount Morgan map says, the fire trail actually heads E and then SE from Murrays Mount at AMG471184, and not N.” I didn’t know about Murrays Mount until I did some reading after the trip. It was a “small basalt peak, that used to be a farm. It had been formerly occupied as a permissive occupancy. This was before … the mid 1970′s … perhaps ten years earlier.”
Not far past Murrays Mount there is also supposed to be another drill site probably similar to the one seen on the weekend.
There are a couple of ways to the start of Heart Attack Canyon. One is to continue  along the ridge and then follow Heart Attack Brook (AMG485186) to a 40m drop. Once down it is supposed to be about 10mins to the start of the canyon.
We didn’t go this was, but dropped into the creek quite early so we wouldn’t miss out on any upper canyon action… unfortunately there wasn’t any canyon and instead we had a couple of hours of overgrown creek. I thought it was quite nice, but others definately voiced their complaints.
Despite being relitively slow going there where some nice sections. It was in one of these that I reaslised I had yet again forgotten my SD card… luckily John lent me his.
After a small break and some more walking “the guts dropped right out of her”.
Heart Attack Canyon is famous its first pitch which is featured on the front/back of the Sydney Canyoners Bible. I wanted to get some footage of the others so I went around to the right to get a good vantage spot. The others went to the left and where soon scurrying on top of the large chockstone.
It was a great abseil, but sadly the canyon soon petered out into into a gorge-like area.
The waterfall made a decent display due to the recent rains. I climbed underneath and saw that there where a number of stalactites underneath.

After a while the gorge narrowed and got more interesting once we hit a two-tiered abseil. I climbed down the first bit, but then got stuck there and had to abseil the rest.
Just after there was a third abseil followed by a couple of climb-downs

The canyon wasn’t very long or spectacular (apart from the first drop) and to be honest I was a little disappointed. We exited via the gully on the left at AMG484196.
We got back to the cars at 7:20 a total of 11:30 mins – so much for my rest day!


Surefire, Spiral, Squeeze, Rocky Creek, Galah