Attendees: Me, Di and Mike.
Instead of going on another trip to Claustral I decided to do some training at Mt York followed by some easy canyons. I headed to their place the night before and in the morning we drove to Mt York training area. We started with the basics, butting the harness on, threading a fig-8, checking the ABC’s, a little on abseiling style as well as some other random stuff.
Di and Mi went really well; we didn’t spend long on the short abseils before going down the ~23 pitch with the overhang, they went down with little problems but I got them to go down a second time to make sure they where confident.
We then headed back for a quick bite to eat before starting with the Grand Canyon. Mike bailed at this point as he still wasn’t feeling too well. [12:30] We got to the abseil point relatively quickly and abseiled into the canyon with a few spectators seeing what was going on.

Di seemed pretty impressed with the canyon but when she started taking photos discovered that the battery was nearly flat!
As we continued down the canyon Di slipped in whilst trying to pass a pool of water; it wasn’t long however before I too was wet with some sections that couldn’t be avoided.

The canyon was much nicer than I remembered; there was no comparison to Jugglers canyon which we would do next. Towards the end of canyon (before meeting up with the tourist track), we came across a couple of nude bathers who seemed somewhat surprised to see us.
We headed quickly up the Pilcher Track the heat quite a contrast to the temperature in the canyon.  As the track climbed and turned into the Juggler gulley I noticed a faint track leading off to what would most likely be a lookout. I had a look and was greeted with an impressive view of Govett Gorge (towards Clarke Head).
We soon turned of Pilcher Track and scrambled down the first couple of drops of Jugglers Canyon. The abseils went smoothly and probably a little quicker with the smaller group. When we got to Greaves Creek came across a very cocky water dragon with an impressive red breast. We continued a little further downstream to enjoy the views at the the top of Beauchamp Falls. After thinking about looking around for some fossils in the recent landslide we decided to head back and see what Michael was up to.

Instead of heading back up the Grand Canyon we walked up to Evans Lookout and managed to get a lift from the very same couple who we met skinny dipping earlier in the canyon.