Attendees: Family bar Gumshoe.
For some reason we decided to to Windows Canyon on Christmas day, in the rain. Compared to last time the walk in went much better – about three hours shorter than the previous trip. Next time I would think about walking up on the right of the stream in Penrose Gully as the sides seemed less steep. We came across our previous lunch spot well before mid-day (11?) and continued up the gully. After backtracking and a small scout I was confident we were going the right way. We scrambled up the hill and through the split in the rock to the exposed rock out-looking Penrose Gully.

The path I picked to the ridge above the start of Windows was higher than usual to try and avoid the wet shrubs. Whilst this seemed to work initially we still got wet in the end. Like last-time we dropped down between the pagodas and followed the stream-way down. When we got to the small waterfall where we had the small mishap last time, we went around to the left instead.

The abseil with the chock-stone went smoothly and I got lowered down the first bit so I could take the with me. This worked quite well but it would probably be better to practice somewhere else before using it in a canyon.

The next abseil should have been done as one but I got the ledges wrong and instead went down one drop and then skirted around the top of a small waterfall onto a small ledge which offered some nice views of the Wolgan Valley. There was a rock on the ledge to use as an anchor, the abseil itself was little over a couple of meters.



The next abseil went down through an arch with a window in it. At the bottom dad comically commented that he was wet and he couldn’t breath because his harness was too tight. Immediately after was the second last waterfall with went over an overhang with a waterfall. Since it was raining I think everyone got a bit more wet. Sis got more than her share because she was was stopped by dad the belayed whilst going over.

At this point it was getting quite late so we did the shorter pitch to avoid any problems with the ropes not reaching. Despite this the single 50m we initially used did not reach and I had to come back up (again). We headed town the rocks to the Wolgan river reaching the cars at about 6pm.